Mor Energy is a subsidiary of the EL-MOR Group and the Co-Energy Company.

Our main focus is transforming organic waste into energy, based on pyrolysis and gasification solutions, and a variety of used materials such as plastic waste pruned plants waste and municipal unsorted waste.

Plant Output – Electricity, Diesel, heating, and cooling.


EL-MOR founded in 1967, and is a leader in implementing large and complex energy, electricity and air-conditioning projects in a variety of fields: power plants, renewable and solar energy, industry, telecom, high-tech, commercial and public buildings, military and defense facilities, electrical and telecom infrastructure, as well as street lighting.

The company is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is part of the Rapac Group – a public company dealing with energy, infrastructure and communications through a number of subsidiaries.

Co-Energy, established in 2014, develops and distributes Waste to Energy solutions.